Autumn Japan 2016 – [Day 11] Miyajima

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Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel シェラトングランドホテル広島

We woke up early the next morning, and was treated to a really nice breakfast. We spent some time relaxing here and eating to our heart’s content, glad to finally have a time to rest after a long trip’s journey. After we had eaten to our heart’s and stomach’s content, we headed off.

Itsukushima / Miyajima 厳島


Hiroshima Station to Miyajimaguchi Station > JR Sanyo Line  for IWAKUNI
Miyajimaguchi Station to Miyajima > JR Miyajima Ferry*
*Miyajima Ferry is covered by JR Pass

Miyajima is one of the places I was looking forward to the most. It is an island alongside Hiroshima, best known for Itsukushima Shrine – a Shrine floating along the sea.

We took the ferry across the Miyajima, the weather amazingly peaceful, especially considering that we were expecting rain today.

Upon arrival, we explored the various shops around. The atmosphere was really down to earth and very peaceful. There was no city essence even though there were really a lot of tourists around. Despite that, it was still a really amazing place to be.

I took a try at the curry bun, which turned out to be too oily for my fancy, but I really liked the anko momiji cake that Sue bought. It was a really nice start for a snack, as we headed on the rest of the exploration.

Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社

Deers freely roaming, we soon arrived at Itsukushima Shrine. The tide had not yet come in, but the view was still amazing nonetheless. The atmosphere was really serene and comforting, and there was something soothing about it.

Later on, we returned when the tide had come up, to see a different view of Itsukushima Shrine that the world knew it was famous for. Although Sue and I didn’t venture inside the shrine due to the sheer number of people, we still enjoyed walking around just taking in the views. It had started to rain a little by then, but we ventured on.

Momojidani Hiking Course

We headed towards Momojidani Hiking course, and along the roads, we stopped by various different shops that sold not only souvenirs, but also little carnival shops where we could try interesting types of food. Here, I bought a scarf that I still love and use to today.


We were about to arrive at the ropeway when Sue spotted this really funny sign that directed us. We laughed a lot about how it said that if we were to run, it would take only 7 minutes! We found the humor entertaining as we trudged on.

The view on the way to the ropeway was truly amazing. Miyajima was in full autumn, and everywhere blossomed the most beautiful autumn leaves.

Perhaps it was because it was raining, but there wasn’t many people here. We had a lot of time to ourselves and this really beautiful scenery, so of course we took the chance to take a lot of pictures!

We took the ropeway up, and were unfortunately not able to see the amazing view that Miyajima had to offer from the peak. Still, it was nice to sit in the breeze and just watch the sea.

Since we still had time, we took a quick look to visit the Miyajima Aquarium. This was not originally scheduled but we enjoyed ourselves playing with the various effects that the museum had to offer. It was really enjoyable and a good rain-plan!


Before we left, we treated ourselves to a stick of beef! We had eyed this long before, but decided to only buy it on the way back. It was delicious and I wish we bought more than 1! Freshly grilled in front of your eyes upon order, Sue and I shared this enormous stick.

Afterwards, we headed back to hotel to rest.

We knew that we didn’t have much time left in Hiroshima as we were due to leave the next day, but due to the cold and rainy weather, we decided to get oden from the nearby conbini, as well as some fried food to share. In the end, we ended up with a conbini feast – one of Sue’s and my favourite! A warm shower and happy stomach later, we headed to bed, knowing that tomorrow we would be leaving Hiroshima for now.

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Autumn Japan 2016 – [Day 10] Okunoshima

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Next morning, we woke up to a great morning breakfast. Sue and I scarfed down our meal as we contemplated the daunting task of cycling the rest of the Shimanami Kaido road. We decided that we could not get our asses to cycle the rest of the journey back, and we would u-turn instead of trying to go forward.

After breakfast, we headed back to the harbor to wait for our ship back to the “main island”. We decided that we would try to cycle as far as we could, and return our bicycles at the next possible location, and walk the rest of the way home.

The trip back gave us more opportunities to see the beautiful views that Shimanami Kaido had to offer. It was truly a magnificant view, but by this time our butts were aching like never before.

Crossing the final bridge, we stood between the two islands for a final break before returning the bikes. It was definitely an amazing chance to be able to even cycle half of this route, but what made it more amazing was that Sue, who could barely cycle, made it with me – and to think i was about to give up on her LOL.

Upon returning our bicycles, we traversed the rest of the Shimanami Kaido on foot, and were treated to amazing seaside views as we went. It was nice, stretching our tired feet, wind and sun in our faces.

It took us almost a whole day, but it was worth it. Many steps and hours later, we finally arrived back at the main island. We then headed off to our next destination – Hiroshima.

Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel シェラトングランドホテル広島

Check In & Out: 7th November 2016 to 9th November 2016
Rating: 39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline

This has got to be one of the best hotels that we had stayed in so far. We got a great promotion for Grand Prince Hiroshima, and we took it. The large space available was definitely something that we had long-since forgotten in Japanese hotels.

The large room also came with a giant ensuite area, with an open-concept toilet and a semi-transparent shower room, which gave Sue and me a lot of giggles wondering how we were going to shower without exposing too much (not that it mattered – exposure already went out of the window a looonggg time ago).

We decided to head out for some dinner, and there was a lot to choose from.

We were starving, so we splurged on a nice bento and some cakes! We also had bought some souvenirs for back home, but we spent the rest of the night very excitedly eating and relaxing in our hotel room.

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