Autumn Japan 2016 – [Day 8] Shizuoka

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Hamamatsu Fruit Park


Shizuoka Station to Kakegawa Station > SHINKANSEN KODAMA 633
Kakegawa Station to Fruit Park Station > Tenryu Hamanako Railroad  for SHINJOHARA
Cost: Y700

This was probably the day Sue was looking forward to the most. We arrived at the Fruit Park after about 2 hours of travel from Shizuoka Station. The good thing about Shizuoka was that the prefecture was mostly tropical, so the weather was pretty warm – perfect for fruits!

The front entrance was really colorful and filled with a lot of plants. Sue and I immediately got excited and started exploring the place using the map provided – we usually do not read the map!

The first thing we saw was an icecream stand. It was a hot day out, so we both opted for icecream! We bought 1 matcha and 1 raspberry swirl! The sun was really hot so the icecream was starting to melt, so we ate quickly while we continued to walk.

Our next stop was the tropical flowers exhibit. Despite being 2 girls who came from a tropical country, we spent a lot of time exploring the tropical dome, filled with plants we could even see from home.

Trust the Japanese to decorate even the simplest of things – the tropical dome was filled with green foilage and even a waterfall and a stream that ran under us.

Our next stop was the wine factory, where we tried out a few different types of wine, and Sue made fast friends – with a robot that was following her wherever she went, as though worried that she would break something LOL.

We stopped by the cafeteria, and shared a pizza while sitting in the cooling wind outside. After lunch, we decided to explore the other half of the fruit park – the part with actual fruits! This was the part we were both looking super forward to! And we weren’t even sure what fruits were available!

Rather than take the tram, we took a long walk around the compound. It was really sunny, and we were one of the only few people there. We enjoyed the long walk, before we reached the first fruits!

Here, we saw a lot of families exploring the area. There were different vendors who taught us how to pick the different fruits. Sue and I made calculations on how many we could eat, considering the variety of fruits that were available at that time. Our first stop was ORANGES!

We picked about 6 oranges, before making payment and moving to our next fruits!

The next fruits we saw were persimmons. Sue got quite excited by the persimmons, and we ended up picking around 5. They were really sweet and juicy, and considering the price we paid for fresh fruits, definitely worth the price!

We also took a chance at picking 1 pear – since Sue knew I didn’t really like pears. The family next to us had a little daughter who picked a pear that fell on her. She started crying but we both found it quite cute.

The land area of the Hamamatsu Fruits Park was large – and we spent the entire day walking through the landscape.

After a full day exploring the fruits park, we headed back to Shizuoka, got our luggage, and moved to our next prefecture! SHIZUOKA – DONE!

Shizuoka Station to Okayama Station > SHINKANSEN HIKARI
Okayama Station to Fukuyama Station > SHINKANSEN KODAMA

Our next stop was Fukuyama, where our next activity would take place tomorrow. Fukuyama was about slightly more than 200 minutes away from Shizuoka. By the time we had reached Fukuyama, it was almost midnight. We were tired, and glad that we could check in for the night.

Toyoko Inn Fukuyama-eki Shinkansen Minami-guchi
Check In & Out: 5th November 2016 to 6th November 2016
Cost: Y8856 for 2 persons, Twin Room
Rating: 39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline39159_large_light_blue_glitter_star_with_silver_outline

We stayed at Tokoyo Inn for the night, before our early start tomorrow morning.


The rooms weren’t very large, but they were sufficient – the typical size of rooms that Japanese hotels had.


It was clean enough, but it had a slight stuffy feel which made us both somewhat happy that we were only staying one night. The room definitely had all the necessary amenities for comfort, but we were definitely looking forward to our next hotel – as this hotel made us feel somewhat claustrophobic.

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