Payment for USJ Studio Pass and Express Pass Online

This page is a guide on payment only. To see how to purchase Studio Pass and Express Pass online, click here.

For express passes only, click here.

Few things you’d need to know about the payment guide. In order to purchase these online, you would have to apply for a Club Universal membership. It’s free, so no worries.

Whether you’ve purchased Studio Pass or not, you should see this on the right side of your screen.


Click on the box that I’ve, well, boxed up in red. This will begin your application process.



Please click the image above. I have put in the translations for you to follow.

For the 3rd and 4th input fields, you are supposed to fill in the phonetic sound of your name in FULL WIDTH KATAKANA. Please use this website to translate your name if you are unsure how. Please key it in separately – so that it translates separately.

Below that, select your birthdate. Japanese follow YYYY/MM/DD


Now, select your gender. The first one 男性 is for MALE, and the other is 女性, for female.

The next field メールアドレス[必須], is for email address. Key in an email address as the example shows in the input field.

パスワード[必須] is password. Key it in twice as the example shows.


This is for contact details. 連絡先[携帯電話番号または自宅電話番号どちらか1つ必須] – requests that you input a contact number in, be it home or mobile. You can simply put your hotel’s number in. Remember to omit the dashes in the number if you are copying from the hotel’s website.


Ok this is the tricky part. This requires your address. No worries though. Under the first field “郵便番号[必須]”, simply key in the hotel’s postal code. This usually looks like “431-4929” or marked with a T with an additional horizontal line above. Key in that and let the system search for your hotel address by clicking the dark grey box next to it.

Once that is filled, it should automatically fill in all other columns. ビル・マンション名など”, you may leave blank.

Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox like above, and click on the yellow box to continue.

You should be sent to the next page, requesting that you key in your credit card details at the bottom.


  • First field “カード番号 “ is for your credit card number.
  • “カード有効期限 ”is for your card expiry date (MM/YY)
  • “セキュリティコード ” refers to your security code, which is the 3 digit number behind your card.
  • “支払い方法[必須] Last field is whether you wish to make lump sum (一括払い) payment or revolving credit (リボ払い).

You will then be sent to a basic summary where you can confirm your details. You can turn on auto translate to check if you wish.


Here, you’ll need to consent that you have checked the right number of passes, the right number of adults and children, and the right admission date. Once all 3 checkboxes are ticked, you can click on the yellow box at the bottom to confirm.

After this, you will be sent to your credit card payment page.


Here, it’s basically a verification page. The information in the top yellow box refers to the date you have chosen to visit USJ, as well as your order number for verification purposes. Below, you’d see what tickets you have purchased. To get the QR codes that you will need, simply tick on the checkbox and click on the blue button and it should open the QR code instantly for you to print / save a copy of!

*Note: Last screen and steps credit to Yi Lin and Oktavienna for being kind enough to advise me on what happens next!


Go here.

Login using your Club Universal Membership Login (email) and password. You should be able to go back to that same page.


Thank you for taking the time to reading the guide, and I hope it helped you! Please let me know!

know if you encountered any steps that are out of my guide, and I will try to put them in if I am able to simulate them.

Thank you, and thanks for waiting so long for this to come out.


46 thoughts on “Payment for USJ Studio Pass and Express Pass Online

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  4. Hi Hinoki!

    I am about to use your detailed instructions to book my Harry Potter tickets but i am afraid of the after purchase section. Will they not send across a copy of the ticket/QR codes to your email?


    • no it doesnt go into your email but when you set up a usj account (as in guide) it will have a copy saved there. just that it can be abit of a hassle to find again if you cant read.. you can simply save the URL and send a copy to your own email for reference 🙂


      • Just wanted to say a huge thank you for writing this guide!! Followed the steps and somehow managed to get ourselves 2 express passes. Whizzed through all the rides and made our day worthwhile. Thanks again!!


  5. Hey thanks for the guide. Just a quick question, do you still have to queue up for your tickets with the qr code or can we enter the park with the tickets printed?



      • Brilliant thanks very much. Just another quick question… i have followed the steps to get the expresa 7 pass however it has only given me the time slots for harry potter and not the other rides. Do i need to also book slots for these or turn up on the day?



      • only the hp ones need time slots. the rest is just like a separate queue for express pass users. U will still have to queue but it is a shortened queue. there is no booking of slots for the other rides.. sadly lll


      • Brilliant thanks very much. Just another quick question… i have followed the steps to get the expresa 7 pass however it has only given me the time slots for harry potter and not the other rides. Do i need to also book slots for these or turn up on the day?



  6. Hi HINOKI~!!!!!! really Thanks for your detailed guides and I’ve finally purchased 2 tickets of Express pass 7 Successfully!!! Thanks so much on the efforts and definitely alots of ppl gonna appreciate it alots!


  7. Hi, just a quick question

    Since Express Pass is only available for Direct In and not for Park Exchange, does that mean that I will only be required to have the QR code with me to get access to the rides via the Express Pass queue? Or does the QR code allow me to collect a booklet that they stamp in to indicate which attractions I’ve visited? And is it absolutely necessary for me to print the QR code out, or is having the soft copy all that is necessary? I’m asking because I’m already in Japan and booking the tickets now.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

    *Also, just a note: the Direct In option is now available again for Studio Pass purchase as of 12/12/2015


  8. Hi… Thank you for the guide… Planning to go in few months and i read somewhere about discount if its your birthday. Planning to go on my birthday month… Do you know how i can avail of this?


      • Hi hinoki thank you for replying… I tried searching and saq this link however its in japanese so i can’t understand 😁. Its still for a few months too early to buy. I just want to know if its possible.
        I think you have to be a member, i dont know if from the link, there’s an option to buy tickets and passes online.

        Thank you


      • i am a member but login only occurs after selecting OK on the cart. so i dont think its a logical process to have it there. perhaps birthday pass requires physical purchase since verification is needed? (you could fake a birthdate on an account so i doubt they would use that for verification)


  9. Great guide! Manage to buy tickets for 26th March!! A bit late for express passes though, they are all sold out (oh wells). Didn’t do our research much earlier. Hah.

    Thank you so much for the guide Hinoki! 😀


  10. Thank you for crewing the guide. I was able to easily purchase my tickets and express pass and use the QR codes to gain entry into the theme park without any fuss.

    Definitely recommend for people to buy tickets online first and enter with the QR codes, no queuing up at the ticket gates.


  11. Thank you so much for the guide, just purchase ticket for mid-July. I bought the Express 4 pass, with timed ticket to Harry Potter at 14.10.
    Am I correct in assuming that I can still go in early to the park (with Studio Pass), and get on the first 3 rides (except the Harry Potter & Forbidden Journey) with the express pass before time to get in to Harry Potter World?


  12. Hello Hinoki.

    I’ve tried thrice to purchase a 1-day Pass with Express Pass as well. But everytime I am done with the payment page (after inputting the secure code), I will be redirected back to the credit card information page. It says that the credit card cannot be used for this type of pass.

    What should I do?


  13. Thanks Hinoki for your guide! After some frustration with inputing the hotel address, I have finally managed to purchase 2 studio passes and express 6 passes. I just have a random question, when I put the ticket info into google translator it says (water) in brackets after the date:
    入場日 2016年09月28日 (水)

    What does this mean?


  14. This is amazing! Thank you so much for making this. We are you going the last weekend of Horrorfest and I wanted to make sure we had our tickets and express passes before hand. I’m so excited!!


  15. This is awesome! Thank you so much! I will be going to USJ during the golden week and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get tickets, but thanks to you I did!


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