Purchase USJ Express Pass ONLY Online

Hello! This page gives you a quick guide on how to purchase USJ Express Pass online, without the Studio Passes. If you wish to purchase Studio Pass and Express Passes online at the same time, please see my other guide here.



First, you click the 3rd item on the box as shown in the image above. Select the dropdown menu with the calendar on it to pick your date.

STEP 2: 


A calendar should open like above. On the top is the year and month that you’re currently viewing (in the guide’s case, 2015 of April), along with [next month] button on the right.

Below it you will see the different dates you’re looking at. Boxes that are white with blue boxes mean that the date is still available for booking, whereas grey out boxes mean that you cannot book it online anymore (usually meaning that you have to purchase in Japan, not that it’s sold out).

A purple star represents days where the Starlight Parade is performing. However, do take note that usually the Starlight Parade performs almost nightly – but the schedule doesn’t come out until a later period. So it isn’t strange to not see a star if you’re booking 3 months in advance, only to have it appear at a later time. Also, rain and bad weather may affect the parade’s schedule, so don’t bother too much about it! The timings in the various boxes show the opening and closing time of USJ on the day that you are booking.

After you have decided what day you wish to purchase your Express Pass for, click on the blue button to continue.

Once that is selected, you will be brought back to the previous page. Click on the yellow button to continue.



You will see something like the above image. Once again, my translations in red. Again, I must stress to double check the Katakana in the screen shot against the website, as they will add passes time to time, and I’ve only captured the basics. Click on the grey box if you wish to know more (though it’s in Japanese). Once you’ve decided, click on the yellow box with the cart next to the appropriate choice.


You’re given the choice of Direct In or Home Delivery. (the option in the middle, Park Exchange, is not valid for Express Passes, and will not show up in your page).


  • [ダイレクトイン] Direct In – QR codes will be issued immediately after purchase. You can print out a copy, or save it on your phone. Please print as well, in case your phone doesn’t work on the day, you still have a spare copy. Remember not to fold it along the QR lines, as that may affect the reading as well.
  • [宅配] Home Delivery – deliver it to your home. Please note that this is not available for hotels. Shipping costs are also not included at this point (Y450)

As advised previously, I recommend Direct In, as it is super convenient. However, select whichever method you prefer and continue scrolling down.



Now, you select the number of express passes you want. There is no difference between adults or kids here, so just the number you wish to purchase and continue scrolling down.



Now, this is the tricky part. FIRST, DISCLAIMER. This is only eligible for those who have selected passes that are valid for the Harry Potter area. If you have selected other passes, you probably will not see this section. Skip if so. For those who have selected Express Passes that allow you to book your slots for Harry Potter area, this part is for you.

On the drop down menu, select the time that you wish to ENTER the AREA. This is not the time you will take the ride. The ride timing will usually be approximately 15minutes after your entrance time. It’s okay to be a little earlier, in my experience.

To see the timings, click here. (this is the same link as the one in the box below the dropdown menu)

First column (in dark blue) explains the entrance timing.

For example, 8:50 ~ 9:50 means you can enter anytime from 8:50am to 9:50am. There will be a signboard telling you what time admissions they are currently taking. But to re-enter, you will need to re-queue. Your express pass will not cover it. The 2nd column

The 2nd column (i.e. 8:50 ~) tells you that you can spend time inside anytime FROM that period of time, as long as you don’t exit. Meaning to say that once you enter, you’re free until you choose to exit.

The 3rd column (i.e. 9:00~9:15) is the time that you must join the queue to ride the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Once again, there is a signboard next to it telling you what time is available for entrance. Do not join the normal queue – the express pass queue is different. Ask if you are not sure.

Once you have chosen your time, click on the cart box at the bottom to continue.

Once that is done, you have added both Studio Pass and Express Pass to cart. On the top right, you can click the cart to confirm your purchases.

Go to the Payment Guide to continue.

Sidenote: Please note that if you use auto-translate for your browsers, this page will have an error. You will not be able to select the time. Make sure that you’ve turned off auto translate – refresh the page if you have to by choosing a different number of sheets for the express pass and then changing it back.


31 thoughts on “Purchase USJ Express Pass ONLY Online

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  4. Hi there, Thanks for the detailed steps on purchasing the Express.
    I’ve problem selecting the Time of entrance after [ダイレクトイン] Direct In and No.of Pax has been selected.
    Once I choose the No.of Pax, the Dropdown bar will disappeared.

    Note: I’ve switched off the Auto Translator, and refreshed few time. yet I can proceed the time selection and proceed payment. Only able to click the pop out Timetable. =(

    Appreciated your advice! thanks



    • Only this message (in red font) appeared after I selected No.of Pax (which is 2 pax)
      ” 時間を指定する必要がありますが指定できる時間帯がありません。

      Appreciated your help…


  5. Hai, do universal express pass ticket will be send by email also? If i choose direct in method? Because i’m having trouble with my printer, so i can not print it immediately.Thanks


    • u can save the qr code as a bookmark. it is also saved in your universal studios account which you registered.. though u prob have to randomly click around a bit to find it. take a screenshot!!


      • Thanks Hiroki. I have another question :). How fast universal express ticket can be sold out in web purchase? Do i need to buy it 1,5 month in advance? I’m planning go there in 1st of April.
        Appreciate for your help.


      • Dear Hiroki,

        If i buy 2 universal express from usj website, can i have choose 2 different entry time to enter WWoHP for each universal express ticket?
        So i want to enter WWoHP at 11.00 AM for ticket 1 and at 11.30 AM for ticket 2.


      • i believe you would be able to. but you would need to add them to cart separately. (buy 1.. select 11am.. add to cart. den buy 2nd one select 11.30 and add to cart again).


  6. Hello, I am really confused about how to use the pass. If you could help enlighten me, I would be so grateful! :p

    So, I successfully purchased the entrance ticket and express 5 ticket online. I chose my time slot, which is from 11am to 16:45pm.

    I have a whole bunch of times on my QR ticket that I don’t understand. As seen below:

    I Translated to English:
    12:30 to 13:00 march Giant The Rial
    13:00 to 13:30 Carry Pamyu XR Ride
    14:40 – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter TM area admission time
    3:00 p.m. to 15:30 Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey TM
    17:00 to 17:30 Evangelion -the- realistic 4-D
    Monster Hunter Drink gift

    So, my questions are:
    1) is my timed entry to HP world at 2:40pm then?
    2) are the times listed the only times I can ride those rides above?

    Any help will be appreciate. I am so sorry for the long post :S

    Thanks again! 🙂


    • Hi Scott,

      For #1, Your timed entry to HP will be at 14:40, and you can take your ride at 15:00, so don’t be late! You have 30 minutes to get to the ride which is pretty easy, just go straight through to where the castle is (you’d see it anywhere). I’d suggest you recee the place out first if you’ve never been, the entrance to Harry Potter area is a little… discreet. Won’t spoil the surprise here 🙂

      As for #2, For March giant the rial (i think this is actually monster hunter the real), carry pamyu (kyary pamyu), evangelion 4d are all extra rides that have been installed for Universal Cool 2016. They are event based rides and as far as I understand are not permanent additions to USJ (i could be wrong here). More information on them in the link below 🙂 http://www.usj.co.jp/e/universal-cool-japan2016/ Seems like a good idea to try those out, and yes, it seems like those are the timings that you can take the rides / enter the respective areas – I’m can’t be 100% sure without being there, but you can just ask the staff i’m sure they would be more than happy to advise :). There still are other rides in USJ (Jaws, waterworld, Spiderman etc) that are also available to express pass 5, but those do not have time slots so you can just join the express queue whenever you fancy.

      Hope that helped!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m trying to make reservations for the express passes for our entire family after march 18, but more complicated since the parents want to just get the express 4 passes and the 2 children the express 7 passes (but one kid for the new flying jurassic roller coaster but the other child a XR option). We want to visit the harry potter area so thinking of selecting the later times, but every time we pick a slot the next screen shows a table of available times including for the rides but everything is in Japanese and the Chrome translator does not work, so impossible to figure out the schedules and coordinate all our times. Please help.


  8. To elaborate, there is now a more complicated table with 5 columns with listed times, when for example I choose a time slot of 9-19:10. No idea what the headings for these columns are.


  9. Hi! Thanks for this! But is it possible that the web price for express pass 4 is only ¥4500 but when I tried to add the same pass on my cart the price became ¥8100?


  10. HI Hinoki , Can i know how to decide the time for the express pass 5 ? I not really understand ft this part oh, can you explain further more .Thx


  11. Hi, this is Dani. I’m having trouble buying Express 4: Thrill because there are no admission time being shown. Even if I turn off the auto-translate and refresh it, nothing still comes up. I also read that if there are no admission time shown it means that there is no stock available, is this true? Thanks for your help.


    • Hi dani,

      that is as far as my understanding as well. However, it could also be a browser issue. Perhaps try on a different browser? If you can tell me what day you’re looking at i can check on my end.


  12. hi
    i am visitng Japan in October with my family. Want to buy One day Studio Pass & Express Pass. We are 2 Adults & one kid 3 years & other kid 4 years. Do we need to buy tickets for kids of this age. How can i buy online. Which website to visit.


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